The Making Of Night Stalker

When one of my agents mentioned process videos, I will admit that I had a bit of a freak out. I am such an intuitive worker that it’s hard to document a step by step process or anything I follow when processing my images. The other problem is that I often spend hours on an image going back and forth, playing.

What happens if I do this? What would this setting look like? A lot of times, when asking those questions and experimenting, the work takes me in a different direction than what I had originally intended.

When I started with Night Stalker, my original intention was a daylight scene with the silhouette set in. I start my edit in Lightroom optimizing the photo and making colour edits to set the mood. Then I’ll open it up in Photoshop and play around. It was then I thought it would tell a better story…..have more suspense….if it was a night scene. I had not done a complete day to night edit before so there was a lot of experimentation.

Anyhow, these videos require a bit of a learning curve on my part, so this is pretty basic and rough. I will be attempting to do more, and will hopefully improve on them.